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as far as im concerned, i hv never posted any entry on my fav singer, Siti Nurhaliza... i just duno y... but fro this entry, its gonna be a very spesel entry for her, especially her latest development (x sure if its the rite word to use)... hehe... well, i was s urfing last nite that i was suddenly reminded of (her official website)... so i quickly surfed her web n i found out that she's kinda busy now wif few activities n events... here, a quick list of what she's up to for the the time being:

  • she will be launching her 4th traditional album after SIX years since the last album. the album "LANTERA TIMUR" will be released on the 26th Dec 08. a special entry abt this album will be posted later. so to all Siti's fans, do support this album. so many talented composers involve in this project such as M Nasir, S Atan, Pak Ngah, Johan Nawawi n etc...
  • Siti will be involved in SPA Q 2nd season starting this monday. though she is just a special appearance in a short scene in it, this is still a big tribute to her fans. if she sings Ku Mahu in the first season, a new track entitled "Pada Cintanya" composed by Audi Mok n lyrics by Rina Khan will be sung by her. a very nice ballad song, i suppose. i hv listened to it and its a very easy listening song. do check it out ya!!!
  • she has also agreed to contribute in a mega project by Mamat Khalid, "KELIP-KELIP", an animation film. so we will be able to listen to her voice in this animation film soon.
  • apart from "Kelip-Kelip", there is also rumours saying that she's gonna involve in a film by Adnan Abu Hassan entitled "Bunian". its x confirmed yet wha she's up to. wateva it is, hope she's gonna act in it.
  • after Ayat-ayat Cinta, another fantastic film will be screen soon. 'Perempuan Berkalung Sorban' is another film Hanung Bramatyo. Siti involves in this mega project. she is singing 2 main songs for this film. 2 songs sung by her are "Batasku Asalku" and "Ketika Cinta Memanggil". 'Batas Asalku' is a song composed by Siti herself while the later one is a song originally sung by Opick. cant wait for these two songs. hehe....

those are Siti's updates for the moment... im too excited for all these to happen... cant wait u know... Gudluck Dato' Siti Nurhaliza....

-Posted on 13 Dec 08-

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