BaLik KpG....

-seberang umah nenekku, SK Kpg Teh-

-jeti tempat meletakkan motosikal-

-i duno what ppl call this thing, is it pengkalan or wat-

-depan umah-

-belakang rumah-

-jeraya ke belakang rumah-

  • its been quite a while that im 'silent'... hehe... where have i been??? what have i been up to??? well, i hv been away for abt a week... i hv gone back to Kampung in conjunction wif Hari Raya Haji la katanya tek... it was kinda a last minute plan... so nothing much to be expected actually... but, i am hepi coz this is the first time in my life celebrating Iduladha in kampung... usually, we celebrate it in Kuching every year... so nang mcm best la balit this time around since we were not celebrating Idulfitri in kampung this year...
  • adding more joy to it was i met my new nephew... he was born last year punya tahun baru, 31.12.07... he is damn cute n i love his very much... pity me coz i dun take any pic of him coz i dun bring camera... huhu :(.... but he made my intention to adopt kids getting more and more.... his name is AZNIL... he has lesung pipit on both his cheeks... very sweet u know... nang rasa mcm nak adopt nya jak... haha...
  • so the pics above are some of the pics taken last year punya raya... btw, do pray the renovation work of the house succeed... rumah ala2 rumah agam yang penah didiami oleh hampir 35 orang ya akan dikecikkan since my aunts n uncles dah pindah diam kedirik... so now only less than 10 staying there... so kinda relevant la the idea of making the house smaller... hehe... gudluck to Udak Keri & Adi... chaiyok man!!!
  • one gud thing abt goin back for me is the atmosphere that i get n experience in my hometown... the welcoming ambience can be felt by me... thats y though stimes i dun feel like wanna be back, ill be sad when the time to go back to Kuching comes... weird isnt it??? but thats a fact of life i guess... so guys, do pay visits if u still hv kampungs!!!!

-Posted on 11 Dec 08-

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