aNuGeRaH JuArA LaGu 22..

tomoro will be the nite of magic...tomoro will be the nite of memories...tomoro will be the nite of mission...tomoro is the ANUGERAH JUARA LAGU, which is the 22nd edition...unbelievable but its true...haha...i cant wait for the show...its been my fav show since DATO' SITI NURHALIZA won her first AJL in 1996 through Jerat tomoro is the nite of come back for her after not competing in AJL for 3 consecutive years...what a wonderful magic is that???so lets talk bout the contestants for the final...there will be 14 songs competing against each other n i do hv few fav songs which i really hope could win some of the awards...hopefully!!!
etnik kreatif:
  • samudera (NORA) - this is my fav song n i think it has the chance to win....
  • kasihnya balqis (AISHAH) - i love aishah but duno bout the chances yet
  • dirgahayu (RAMLAH RAM) - love her but i dun think this song will win..hehe


  • ceritera cinta (JAC & LAH VE) - lovely song but dunola
  • kasih tercipta (will be sung by AJAI) - no comment
  • izinku pergi (will be sung by SAHRI) - nice song but i think kaer does better
  • mahakarya cinta (will be sung by FIQ) - okla n no comment
  • harapan (FAZLI ZAINAL) - my fav song n i hope it wins

pop rock:

  • angan dan sedar (MAWI) - not bad but less chance to win
  • farhana puteri bumi kenyalang (JINBARA) - not my fav song
  • janjiku (SOFAZ) - okla but less chance to win
  • sembunyi (MISHA OMAR & ANDY) - nice song n quite gud
  • itu kamu (ESTRANGED) - new genre of song n quite gudla
  • destinasi cinta (DATO SITI NURHALIZA) - my fav song n wanna it wins

so basically, i want samudera or kasihnya balqis to win etnik kreatif, harapan to win balada n destinasi cinta to win pop vocal will be a very competitive category coz too many great singers r in....but hope siti wins la...n hope she wins for best performance as jt wait n stay still in front of the tv tomoro nite, at 830pm yah...will hv special entry bout AJL soon....

-im excited babe-

1 Ur Opinion...:

L.A.L.A said...

mun dah raja sms ya nang raja SMS la.. Mawi juak menang best performance. neway, kmk sedeyh sbb Kaer sekda. it must have been better if it was him who's singing the song. plus, sikla nampak murah gilak performance ya. ada ka patut pakey kaler purple.. sik dramatik kali jakk..