AnTaRa MaGiK DaN KeJuTaN...

  • sori the entry for AJL is quite nak polah mlm tek coz sikda mood....mood dah ilang dimbak ketidakpuasan hatiku dgn result AJL kali tok....first n foremost, lets start wif the concept of the ceremony...i think magical music didnt really exist that nite..duno y tp mcm sik glak pun magiknya...they tried to make magic2 things but i jt didnt see much of the magic2 thing they said....maybe im jt blind....haha...
  • secondly, bout the performance....jinbara opened the show wif kinda duno what to was just an average performance to me...then came in nora wif samudera...i thought she did pretty gud but the sound system was too loud that it covered nora's voice....but i like her performance though....fazli zainal wif my fav song took the stage and it was not his best performance....vocally, i tot semi final was better....maybe he was stressed n i thought he had a very gud emotional control....i could feel the sadness when he sang... he even cried if im not was pretty gud but i thought he could do better....
  • highlight of the nite (for me la).....DATO' SITI came in n it was a stunning performance, i could say....bkn nak membela but it was true that i didnt expect she would perform like that...i thought she might hv performed sampey jak but eth changed...she did well...its jt that her vocal had some problem but i thought it was ok....her dance steps were amazing..she danced babe n i wanted her to win best performance....
  • after siti, sapa perform???sik ingatla pulek...oh ya, it was fiq who sang on behalf of faizal tahir for mahakarya okay performance i guess n celak, very the tebal!!!sori na...sikda niat nganok, jt lucu jak rasa..hehe....after that, aishah came in wif kasihnya her performance very much n she reminded ppl of her janji manismu kot...very the props kak chah kita....haha....then misha la pulek masuk....simple kali juak performance..mcm sik btanding jak rupa....dahla pakey jeans jak...kali nang sik maok menang kot....sori sap....hehe....the sofaz dgn entah apa2 la....then ada pulak mawi yg malas aku nak komen....sahri yg not bad tp still love kaer's version.....maybe sahri's voice is too heavy unlike kaer that makes kaer has a better touch to this song....hehe...ramlah ram wasnt deliver the song quite expected, she had pitching probs...haha...i quite like ceritera cinta n i think they did excellent in the song....bob delivered the song in his own way but he forgot some of the lyrics...but its ok coz he was the bidan terjun....estranged did okay to me..they werent my preference n i thought that rich's voice was average...hehe..sori to all estranged's fans....
  • bout the result, i wonder y there were 2 singers won best vocal...cant they just give it to jac???hehe....i expected that siti wont win vocal award but i expected her to win best performance...she did damn gud babe....but u knowla when sms comes in, anything can happen...with the existence of mawi, for sure la all da makcik2 vote for him...but what to do, bkn rezeki expected, nora won etnik kreatif...i want harapan to win balada but rezeki was not wif him...itu kamu was not in my list coz i wanted siti to win tp gney la nak polah kan...huhu....sikpala, but its gud to watch siti in AJL again...hehe..
  • so in conclusion, AJL this year not that magic but okla....

-im frustrated-

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NuRLyaNa said...

Kenak tak anok fiq? brani na juak? haha...guro jak. Gyalah makeup kmk rah gala nite lak. Hehe

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