Im 24 2daY

Hepi Bestday To Me,

Hepi Bestday To Me,

Hepi Bestday to Scherry,

Hepi Bestday to Me...

(ko ada berlagu burfday k ko kedirik??? sek ada... aku sorang jak ada... haha)

well, today i am ofifcially 24 years old... cant believe the fact that i hv been living as a human for 24 years (apaka reti??? mok jd bukan human ka???)... well, so many things have happened but perhaps i hvnt eaten as many salt as the others do... sempat bah nak mengassimilate pepatah melayu yg diterjemahkan... haha... well, i seriously think that burfday is just the matter of growing older... wat matters more is the experience perhaps that u hv gained and gathered throughout your life... that counts more... as for me, i hv to admit that im x the type who is into big parties n etc... its just a small celebration wif famili and frens... the most important part abt hving to celebrate burfday is to be grateful on wat u hv... to count the blessings that u hv received... and to reflect on wat things that can be improved in life... receiving gifts is not that important... mun ada, syukurla... mun sikda pun, the thought ppl hv on u is more than enuf... coz i hv faith in doa dan ingatan org adalah lebeh bgs... mun ada hadiah, bonus la kan... hehe... so, this year ard, i hv listed few hopes and dreams that i hope can be realised and fulfilled... InsyaAllah!!! and the list goes in no order:
  1. 1. wanna be posted to a school which doesnt neccesarily a grade A school... selagi nya dapat diagak, biak sik berolah glak, keja besa2 jak, environment ok, it shd be fine... tp ada ka sekolah kedak ya kinek tok???

  2. 2. maok meningkatkan lagi taraf hidup... wat it means here is abt self-improvement... sik payah nak dicanang sigek kampung apa benda nak diatur... tang tauk kedirik jak sia... haha... tp yg pasti, cuba utk membetulkan apa yg sik betul ttg dirik sendiri... there r things that i miss abt myself... so i need to get it back... :)

  3. 3. well, having to be a 24yo means somehow or rather u shd start to think on a serious matter or future thingy... so does me... but wont burden my brain so much to think about it... just let time decides... if i manage to find one, then syukurla... if not, hv to double up the effort i suppose... keji sungguh statement ini... haha

  4. 4. wanna get rid of the negativites that i hv... apa2 bentuk yg ada la... yet, im starting a new phase of life very soon... so i think having to be a brand new person is indeed crucial... lets figure out how can i achieve that... maybe cucuk botox ka, apa ka.... sempat!!!!

  5. 5. last but not least, mok sentiasa kacak dan mun dapat kekal bahagia dan terus bersifat baik... mudahan sentiasa memiliki sifat mahmudah dan dijauhi dari nok mazmumah... islamik sik impian yg tok??? haha... :)

well thats r some of the things i dream of... hopefully can achieve those... finally, wanna thank everyone yg dah wish my bday be it on facebook, chat, sms, kol n etc... tq so much for the lovely thoughts that u guys hv... may God bless u... yg paling penting, terima kasih Ya Allah atas nikmatMu ini... Amin!!

3 Ur Opinion...:

Robin Wong said...

i do think that you can achieve ur goals. u have always been a brilliant person, and this is the pre-requisite to achieving ur goals..i wish u all the best and happy teaching in no time soon.=)

Roserina said...

all the best, sheri!!! ;D

ash_mirza said...

tq uols... yup, im hoping that those can be achieved too... :)