Hepi 6th BdaY C3

"Come On C3,
We're Gonna Be The Best,
Come On C3,
We Wanna Live It Up,
Come On C3,
You're Like A Shooting Star,
Saying T.E.S.L.3.
~ingat sik dengan yell tok uols... nok kita mencerik dirik best tek bah... haha... well, today is the day... tracing back to 6 years ago, we met for the very first time... not having any idea who r the 24 other people that gonna share 1/4 of their life wif us... and now, we hv reached to its end... moving to the new phase, i suppose... but dun we ever forget the memories that we used to share these 6 years... the laughter, sadness, joy, dissapointment, anger and etc... let us keep in touch and may we proceed wif our next phase successfully~
p/s: let those pictures speak for us, describe the transformation we hv been tru...

3 Ur Opinion...:

QieYaH said...

wahhh... transformasi lok.haha.. nang jauh abis beza. ekeke.. happy anibesari to u too sheri..

ash_mirza said...

well, 6 thn z... mun ada yg sik berubah dlm 6 thn, aku sik tauk nak mdh... manusia ka bkn... haha... aok, hepi to u too... haha

Robin Wong said...

it's been a long way, sheri. nice to have known you. :)