TahniaH HaFiZ!!!

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Finally, all Sarawakian (i guess) will be very happy n proud to have the very first AF winner from Sarawak... after 7 years of waiting shall i say, we manage to produce one big star winning the AF7... Mohd Hafiz has made Sarawak proud of his talent n his star quality... at the end of the concert, he was announced as the winner with 44% votes compared to Aril in the second place with only 22% (50% more than Aril)... im so happy n proud of this guy... i wish to say CONGRATULATIONS HAFIZ as the new winner of AF!!!!!
-Posted on 17 May 09-

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Walt said...

Ur eyes tell all! Tumpang gumbira

ash_mirza said...

my eyes juak la... haha