Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

i hv just finished watching this movie last nite... i got to watch it tru youtube... after few months waiting n searching, i finally got to watch it... my comment??? put aside watever controversy this film has created (maybe), i should say this is another lovely n amazing work created after AYAT-AYAT CINTA... if it happens to be u r a fan of AAC, maybe u shd watch this film as well... its hard to compare between the two as the subject differs from each other... PBS is focusing on woman striving for the right... well, its better for u all to watch it by urselves if u wanna watch it... well, i do download the movie as well... if u r lazy waiting it to finish loading it, u can ask from me... a gud movie to be watched i think... at least to me... so, lets sit, relax n njoy the film ya!!!

-Posted on 23 May 09-

2 Ur Opinion...:

wawa said...

nak movie ni!!! hehe
nnt kat ukm kite mintak kat abg ash k

ash_mirza said...

np wawa... minta jak... clear sgt tau walau dload je dr utube... huahuahua