HePi 1st AnniVerSaRy!!!

HePi BurFdaY to U
HePi BurFdaY to U
HePi BurFdaY to CeRiTa HaTi
HePi BurFdaY to U....
  • wah, CeRiTa HaTi has reached its first anniversary... i just cant realise that a year has passed in a blink of eye... i could still remember the first time i signed up for blogger.com wif the help from Miss Deal n straight away posted the first entry that memorable nite... a year has passed and too many things have happened...
  • a lot of them have been recorded in Cerita Hati... it has functioned like a diary for me as i dun keep my own diary... so,a gud achievement i guess as Cerita Hati has collected ard 230 entries... to all readers, thank you for dropping by and sharing ur thoughts... do continue ur support and thanks for reading my blog...
  • HePi 1st AnniVeRsaRy CeRiTa HaTi!!!!
-Posted on 19 Dec 08-

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