ThE BeaUties (PaRt 3)..........

Are they beautiful??? Who they are??? Are they glamour??? They are.... Presenting to you, the third part of The Beauties.. These 7 women are the winners from the Dewi Remaja competition... Dewi Remaja is the most awaited event (though it is not an anually event) apart from Miss Malaysia... This competition is opened to anyone and most of the contestants from this peagant have been involved in the entertainment industry after the peagant.... These women are (from top to down):
  1. Tengku Anis - Dewi Remaja 85/86 (she is a businesswoman now)
  2. Aleeza Kassim - Dewi Remaja 87/88 (professional model and actress)
  3. Jasmeen Dillon - Dewi Remaja 90/91 (was a stewardess and now businesswoman)
  4. Wan Khatijah - Dewi Remaja 95/96 (actress, model and tv presenter)
  5. Juliana Banos - Dewi Remaja 98/99 (singer, model and actress)
  6. Annahita Bakavoli - Dewi Remaja 02/03 (actress, tv presenter and law student)
  7. Sharifah Nor Azean - Dewi Remaja 05/06 (actress)

These amazing ladies have involved in the entertainment industry upon winning the crown... They have shown us that they have the package... Congrats GURLS!!!!

p/s: more pics of them will be posted later....

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