ThE BeaUties (PaRt 2)..........

The second edition of 'The Beauties' presents another 5 beautiful women, who have involved in the entertainment industry after winning the Miss Malaysia/World or Miss Malaysia/Universe crown....they did not really succeed in the next level after Miss Malaysia (unlike the 6 ladies in the earlier entry), but they have transformed their lives into the amazing ones in the industry....

the five women (u might know some of them) are (from top to down) :

  1. Yasmin Yussuf - Miss Malaysia/Universe 1978 (she paid on her own to compete in the Miss Universe 1978 and managed to place herself at the third place for Best National Costume Award. Congrats to her!!! Now, she involves in the host or presenter field.)
  2. Michelle Yeoh - Miss Malaysia/World 1983 (who doesnt know this woman??)
  3. Samantha Schubert - Miss Malaysia/World 1991 (she looks beautiful in the small pic compared to the bigger one. The famous model and she acted in The Red Kebaya.)
  4. Fazira Wan Chik - Miss Malaysia/World 1992 (i think if she was in the competition like she is now, she might have the chance to win. Getting more beautiful. Famous model, singer and actress. Best Actress in Malaysian Film Festival for twice.)
  5. Elaine Daly - Miss Malaysia/Universe 2003 (a smart and beautiful woman. Ex-fiance of Hans Isaac. She has a degree in law and after few years in the entertainment industry, she started to work as a lawyer but her interest was not there.)

So, what do u think now??? They are just common woman but after winning the crown a.k.a title, their life change....Wouldn't u want to be like them??? Dreams come true or never think of it and suddenly, "I'm in it!!"..... Think positively...Sumtimes, dream can be a reality!!!!

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