NonTon AjA!!!

alhamdulillah, its been like a week of the holiday... nothing much to do apart from tido, makan, nonton tv n o9... well, as some might have known, my episode of JANGAN LUPA LIRIK has been aired last week... i received many feedback about it... TQ so much... a special entry about JLL will be posted soon... this holiday, i spent my time watching drama series on the utube... i just discovered an enjoyable drama series from Astro Prima entitled CINTA GILA, by Rita Rudaini n Aaron Aziz... i hv missed 18 episodes n amazingly, i manage to catch up all the 18 episodes... what an achievement... this drama is very funny n i love it so much... as the title portrays, it is about crazy people all over the world, i suppose... cant wait to watch the 19th episode tonite... i hv also discovered another gud series called NUR KASIH, shown in TV3... very islamic drama n they have just started screening the first episode last week... so i shall follow the series starting from now... well, thats all i can say now... will update again soon n do wait for a special entry of JLL.... tq....
-Posted on 9 June 09-

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