iM 23 Now!!!

wow, im officially 23 now... its been like a dream n i cant believe that im 23 oredy... Alhamdulillah, wif Allah's will, im able to see the world till now... just wanna thank everyone who has wished me for my burfday, be it tru phone calls, sms, facebook or even direct face-to-face... watching Siti's concert at IB for the very first time has been among the best gifts for myself this year... its been like a dream comes true... and having my frens to celebrate my burfday (though it was celebrated earlier, i still appreciate it) is another hepiness that i hv... tq so much to everyone who has made my day.... the most unbelievable thing is my students in SMKAJ wished me n i was too shocked coz i didnt expect it either.... the funniest answer when i asked how do u know its my bday was "SAYA BOMOH CIKGU"!!! well, at least it made my day turned to be an amazing day.... tq 2K n 1D!!!! last but not least,i wanna thank my family for their support... cant wait to see them!!!
finally, HEPI 23rd BURFDAY to MYSELF!!!!
-Posted on 30 June 09-

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