HeLp Me!!!

it seems that i almost reach the end of my breath... im stucked in completing my assignment... i just duno y but it seems that this is the toughest, hardest, heaviest n all the superlatives that can be used to describe it... honestly, i dun like this assignment n im trying very hard to complete it... i love doing assignment but not this one... yet, Comparative Literature requires u to do some creative n critical thinking which im x so gud in... moreover, i need to write a 4-page-essay with nothing that i know... isnt that gonna kill me??? it does... the reason is im x gud in writing critical essay n usually i dun score well in writing a critical literature essay... see, how stupid it can be... aiyoooo, i hope that God can send sumone to rescue me... i hv intended to complete it today but im still stucked in the first page... i hv another 3 pages to go... help me!!!! help me!!!! help me!!!!
-Posted on 7 Feb 09-

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