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its been such a tiring weekend for me... well, i was on a trip wif my frens (Iman, Amir n Shydee)... it was the most-awaited plan ever that we hv in our mind perhaps... before the trip took place, so many obstacles n challenges faced by us... till we almost cancelled the trip... but finally Alhamdulillah, eth went smooth... ive just been back from the trip this morning n i reached my room at 8am... so tired that i decided to take a short nap la katanya for 3 hours... when i woke up, i quickly washed my clothes since it was sunny... nang rajin la aku tok pagi tek.... haha... then it was so quiet in my college that i felt very lonely... well, lets hv a short summary on our trip...
  • 23 Jan 09
- We gathered at Pudu Bus Terminal at 10p.m. Earlier, i went to Plaza Low Yat to buy memory card for my camera as the previous one had some problem. I reached Low Yat when the mall was almost closed. I quickly ran into the shops n looked for the memory card. Then, i walked back to Pudu. I repeat 'I walked back to Pudu'. Can u imagine that? When i reached Pudu, i was sweating like i was in hell. haha...
- Our bus was supposed to depart at 1130pm but it only departed after 12am sth. The highway was very busy wif cars going back to the North as it was weekend and CNY break. The bus moved slowly n i was amazed to see many cars on the highway at that hour. We had few pit-stops n i didnt really have a gud rest. We only reached Kuala Perlis next morning at 9am where we were supposed to reach there at 7am. Well, thats how it is here when everyone is busy driving going back to thier hometown...
  • 24 Jan 09
- We queued to buy the ferry tickets to Langkawi. It was a long queue n all the earlier ferry tickets have finished. We only got the 1pm ticket. OKla tu. Then Amir's bapa angkat came and brought us jalan2 in Perlis. We went to UITM Arau to freshen ourselves. By 1pm, we were oredy in the ferry. The ferry was very comfortable as we got the upper level seats. We could see the islands n fascinating view all the way to Langkawi. We even went out to get fresh air. It was amazing i tell u.
- The fresh air, the beautiful view cant be described by words. Very lovely!!! Finally, we reached Jetty Kuah. While waiting for the car that we have rented, we had our lunch. We had a good car and the price was quite affordable as that was peak season. If you feel like u wanna rent a car in Langkawi, do let me know. I can recommend u some good companies. After that, we started our journey to our resort. We were not so lucky coz we were stopped by a policeman who caught us not wearing the back seat seatbelt. But, after negotiating wif him, he let us go. It wasnt really our fault coz the seatbelts were stucked. But okla after all. Just a good reminder perhaps.
- We went straight to Langkasuka Beach Resort where we had our first nite there. It was a very comfortable resort facing the sea. Very kewl view i shd say. The room in fact is very comfortable. We had a family room n it only cost us less than RM** as it was on hot deals promotion. THANK GOD for that!!! we rested for a while before moving on wif our journey. Our resort was quite further from the Kuah Town. It was abt 20km from Kuah, thats y we rented a car to ease our trip. In the evening, we went to Kuah Town to have our dinner at Sofia Cafe (Z, take note) n have window shopping. Just to compare n contrast stuff. Later in the nite, we the well-known-karaoke-fans went to have a gud time menyumbangkan our voice. After that, we went back to our resort.
  • 25 Jan 09
-We woke up quite late n we rushed as we need to check out from the resort. Then, we moved to Kuah Town as our second nite will be in Sinaran Motel, a new motel n very comfortable one. It is situated in front of Kondo Istana, a very grand n big hotel. After checking in, we went searching food for our lunch. I went consulting my newly-acquaintance Siti who has helped us a lot in our trip. She suggested Wan Thai Restaurant. We went there and it was an amazing n classic restaurant. The food was nice n we were served wif Air Pandan. The staff were mostly Siamese as the spoke and wrote the orders in Siam. We had a nice lunch there n we were satisfied with the service there.
- After that, we proceed wif our plan to tour the island by car. The road in Langkawi is very easy n not congested. I had not much difficulty driving there as we had map n the road was very straight, yet there were so many sign boards there. We even passed by MRSM Langkawi, Galeria Perdana, Telaga Air Hangat (which was under renovation) n few more places. We even stopped at a stall by the roadside selling Pulut Durian n Pulut Mangga. We oso stopped at Black Sand Beach n it was really black. So funny. Then, we continued our journey to Langkawi Cable Car. Initially, we planned to pay a visit at Telaga Tujuh but it was already late so we cancelled the plan. At first, we almost cancelled our plan to climb the mountain via the cable car.
- The queue was so long n it took abt 2 hours for us to be able to get into the cable car. But it was worth waiting as the experience of being in the cable car n at the peak of the station was wonderful yet amazing. It was windy at the jambatan gantung n the view cant be described by words. It was very beautiful n we even can see the island of Thailand. Very cantik. Subhanallah. When we were there, we even watched the sunset n how beautiful it was. Cant be described. On our way back, we passed by Pantai Cenang n we stopped for dinner. This time ard, we had western meal at Rasa Restaurant. Cenang was crowded with tourists. My fren even told me that it looked like Goa in India. It was located near the beach n the place was happening. Lots of hotels n restaurant offering variety of service. After dinner, we went back to Kuah Town n continue or window shopping session.
  • 26 Jan 09
- Our final day here. We woke up a little bit early n then checked out. We went to have our bfast on our way to Makam Mahsuri. Then, we went to Makam Mahsuri n it was a nice place to visit. We spend there in one hour before heading to Beras Terbakar somewehere near Padang Matsirat area. I even bought few handicrafts n stuff at the stall near Beras Terbakar. Then, we went back to Kuah to do some shopping. At 3pm, we went to Kuah Jetty to return the car n to take ferry going back to Kuala Perlis. at 545pm, we reached Kuala Perlis n Amer's bapa angkat brought us pusing2 Perlis n even brought us back to his home, somewhere near Simpang Empat.
- His house was located next to paddy field n when the 4 jakun ppl reached there, we were damn excited to see the paddy field lively. We even went to the middle of the paddy field n took photos there. We were served dinner there n the place was very nice as it was windy n the air was very fresh. We took the bus back to KL at 10pm n reached Hentian Duta at 530am before took RapidKL to Pudu. When we reached Pudu, we took our own way. Amer n Iman went to KL Sentral, taking KTM to Shah Alam. While Shydee took a bus to Malacca n i took LRT to B.T Selatan before heading to UKM. I reached my room 10 minutes before 8am n i was very tired.
  • Overall, it was an almost perfect vacation. But, still we had a very gud time there. Hopefully, we can have another trip like this in future. TQ guys for the time n cooperation in this trip...
  • Pictures will be uploaded later... U can also view them at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/album.php?aid=54634&id=512352085&ref=mf Hopefully, it works... But this is not a complete set... Will upload more soon...

-Posted on 27 Jan 09-

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