tHe 100th EntRy!!!

Congrats to CERITA HATI for being able to achieve the 100th entry in 6 months and it is posted on the 8th of June 2008 (08.06.08).... the first time i started blogging was last year, december.... with the help of DALILA, i managed to have my own blog which i named Cerita Hati.... this blog is about myself, the things that i have achieved, experienced and anything....lately, i start to widen the scope of my blog where i start to talk about other stuff such as entertainment, beauties n future, im planning to post entries on sports...i've got some ideas....its just that i hv many pending entries...what i mean is i hv already listed and collected materials for my entries....but i hvnt posted them yet...hehe... well, what have i achieved in 6 months...too many things i guess...too many stories hv i shared (not all actually)..... i think via having blog, it helps us to remember important events in our functions as diary in a way coz i dun write diary.....i love to write blogs coz i found it gives me more freedom in my speech.... undeniable, there r sum stuff which need to be censored, but at least we are able to express and release it out.....rather than keeping it to ourself.....thanks to blogspot for enabling me to write my thoughts and ideas in the form of technology (sounds like im receiving an award).....what do i hope??? well, i hope that by the first anniversary of Cerita Hati in december this year, it will reach the 200th my frens, keep on writing blogs..... need not to be afraid or inferior of urself...just express me, u will smile when u read ur entries in future....hehe....last but not least, thanks to everyone who has dropped by to read my blog and given ur comments....thanks a lot...keep on visiting and reading my blog coz it is representative of me in the form of media...haha....HEPI 100th ENTRY TO CERITA HATI!!!!!

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